Thursday, October 31, 2013

PyCon Iran 2013: A Long Awaited Start

Just Had a Thought:
For the past 10 years, I, like most people of my generation have witnessed how technology climate in Iran has changed.
From ineffective government policies to international (US) sanctions to Iranian personality, we can make up enough reasons to why we are where we are. Where are we in the global IT industry anyway? - It just doesn't feel good.

As a community (of IT experts), we have failed on so many occasions to grow out of our problems. Don't get me wrong, we are excellent consumers, "smart buyer" if you prefer. But that does not help us to fill the gap with, let's say, India.
That being said, and with PyCon Iran 2013 just around the corner, I think an opportunity is coming to take our community, the Python community in Iran, to the right direction.
I'm sure, a healthy community can make a difference because naturally it involves activities that we tend to do less like sharing and mentoring.
Python is known to have a healthy international community which I hope to be extended into our community. Our First PyCon, certainly has many shortcomings and I'm not going to talk about it now, not before it actually started, but, it is a start to gather everybody who is involved with Python or likes to be, and bond to them and rely on that bond to gain knowledge, share it, guide others in using it and ... having fun. We are going to get somewhere as a community or be stuck as individuals.

Let us hope, that from this point on, we would follow on the path of a thriving community to get where we want to get, to cease the future opportunities and to build a better industry.

Think about it, we will talk about this again, very soon.


PyCon Iran 2013: